Prospective Clients:

• Family’s yearly Tax Returns of + €140 K.
• Yearly expenditure of €30 to 40 K (payable to the college directly).
• Initial investment in company’s rendered services of €15 to 30 K. Between University Placement and SAT tutoring Prep, depending on SAT level.
• Estimated SAT Prep hours needed: + 100 hours to reach scholarship status, depending on English proficiency initial level.
• Minimum pack of SAT prep to be contracted: 50 hours.
• Contracting options:
1) University Placement + pack of SAT Prep hours.
2) Pack of SAT Prep hours only.
• THƎONƎ: Only to institutions (1 to 10 students).

Personal meetings with prospective clients:

• Referral Agents cannot conduct in depth personal meetings with potential clients as we only have an opportunity to give a first good impression. If we lose it, we might not get back such opportunity again.
• The Exclusive Agent could only conduct interviews and meetings with potential clients on-camera alongside Ramon Romero to make certain all requests are being met and questions answered accordingly.

Payment of commissions:

• All Referral Agents will have an account with the Exclusive Agent's website platform where they will have their sales account updated on a monthly basis. The 10th day of every month the Exclusive Agent will pay out Referral Agents’ commissions accordingly.
• Ivy League Tutoring will pay out commissions to the Exclusive Agent on a monthly basis, the 5th day of every month.